Work Life Balance

Today’s  Ted Tuesday speech is by Nigel Marsh called How to make work-life balance work .  Marsh does an excellent presentation that balances credibility (ethos), an easy to follow story (logos), and humor (pathos) while delivering a lesson in balancing  life’s responsibilities.  He points out how balance – or lack thereof – can sometimes be an exercise of trial and error.

Yesterday, a student said, “I can’t believe it’s October first and I’m not crazy yet!”  I’m sure many of us share her sentiment – we may not be crazy yet, but we know that stress is looming.  Six weeks into the semester, the first quizzes have been taken, the first papers or speeches are being delivered and midterms are right around the corner.  As the Fall morning air starts to cool and pumpkin lattes start brewing at Starbucks, we are getting a gauge of how we are doing…or not.  The ugly effects of procrastination start to creep in – “If only I had kept up on the three R’s (reading, research, rest)…”   What I find, however,  is that much of the procrastination is not fueled by  fun (unfortunately) but by more work!  I’m amazed at how students are constantly trying to juggle job(s) and  heavy class loads to make ends meet.   Their efforts are admirable,  but I worry about the breaking point – when life gets out of balance and there is no time for friends, family or fun. There’s no time for exercise or sleep or food groups outside of pizza and diet coke.

The good new is that there is hope. It IS only the first of October and we CAN make a difference in how we choose to spend our time.  We can attempt to achieve balance or at least try to avoid the craziness awaiting us in November.  After watching Marsh’s speech, decide how you will spend your time.  What will you choose?


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