What’s New in C.A.L.L.

Here at the Communication Assessment and Learning Lab at the ASU West Campus, there are new opportunities in technology to take advantage of! The Communication Lab has a new ways of communicating based on new technologies. The lab has recently acquired new computers that work with television screens. This advantage encourages the student to use the computers for schoolwork. Also, these computers come with webcams. These webcams are used for video conferencing. This new feature lets groups that need to come into the Comm Lab, but cannot meet all together, to video conference and practice their speech from at home. Of course, this feature isn’t to be taken advantage of. If the student is not able to meet because of work or family obligations, they can attend their group CALL session from home. After a CALL session, the student can bring a flash drive to save their videos so they can practice what they need to work on at home. An exciting new technology is the computer in the waiting room for appointments. This computer is posted on the wall that is very user friendly. You might see videos playing throughout the day, but it actually a real computer. This could be used for presentations to practice in the waiting room.  The Comm Lab has amazing and new opportunities to succeed. You must go!

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