Shake up your story

Today’s Ted Speech is a charming, short talk delivered by Raghava KK exploring the link between creativity and perspective.

Our reality of the world is grounded in the stories we tell ourselves and it’s nice to live our own story. Living within our own world is easy and comfortable – it’s the path of least resistance.  But to be an engaged communicator, we must consider stories other than our own – and that is not always easy or convenient.  We have to make a conscious effort to shake things up.

We all see people, surrounded by more people, plugged in to their own private soundtrack of life – literally. White ear buds have become a means to drown out a cluttered world. We watch “news” that only serves to reinforce our own perspective or limit our world view to the cover pages of our internet browser.   But by living solely within our own personal story, we deny ourselves a truly engaged opportunity to connect with others.  We all get into a routine- that’s understandable- but somehow we must find that uncomfortable space between our story and that of others.  That is where true learning really happens.





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