Scientists unite! (behind a lanugage we all understand)

Imagine that you have made the greatest scientific discovery ever… and then imagine having to talk about it to a large group of people. Making the discovery is one thing, but then to actually have to tell the world about it is quite another. Universities around the country are seeing more scientists in their public speaking classes than ever before and that is why I chose Melissa Marshall’s presentation – “Talk nerdy to me” for the first TED Tuesday blog of 2013. Melissa makes some excellent points as to why it is critical for today’s engineering and science students to simplify their language when presenting their work to diverse audiences. Her formula is this…beware of jargon, lose the bullet points, make your topic relevant to the audience, and pump up the passion to increase understanding.

Not only is her speech important to those in the field of science, but her ability to craft an entertaining and informative speech in just under 5 minutes is something we can all learn from!

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