How does story telling correlate to Communication?

Since the beginning of time humans have communicated is some form or another, whether it was through verbal or nonverbal communication. Before the first written languages came about, there was no other form of passing down history from generation to generation than using folk stories. Folk stories were the means of passing down historical information from generation to generation, so their history would live on for many years to come. You might be wondering, what does story telling have to do with communication? Well it has everything to do with communication. When telling a story, the person delivering the speech has to be credible, accurate, and emotionally relevant to the audience.

Being credible in the delivery of the speech is key. The audience needs reassurance when it comes making sure that they can trust the information that they are taking in. Especially when listening to stories, because there are people that might give false information out to the audience and the audience members might relate it to someone else and it will create an ongoing trend for relating false information.

Another key concept is that of making the story you are delivering emotionally relevant to your audience. When telling a story, having an emotional aspect to it makes it that much more relatable to the audience and in their personal life’s. Having that emotional tie between the deliberator and the audience creates the atmosphere for better listening and for further passing on of the story from audience to family members and others around them.

Story telling is a huge part of our lives. We tell stories countless times a day and don’t think we don’t. We are constantly saying let me tell you a story “this past weekend I ………”. We are always telling stories and next time you find yourself listening to one ask your self is it relevant or not.

Written By: Jovan Munoz


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