How does communication play into our daily lives?

What is communication? Where is it located and why do we need it? These are all questions that you probably have never needed to think about. That does not mean it is not there though. It is all around us at almost every moment. Communication is the process of sending and interpreting messages that illicit a response.

We all communicate naturally. You are probably sitting in your seat, reading this and thinking, so maybe just putting your head down while reading would be easier. Others can look at you and see this happening. They may come up with several conclusions of why your head is down, but regardless of the reason, you are still sending a message whether there was intent to or not. Your nonverbal gestures, as well as verbal, are all forms of communicating.

Picture a life without communication. Technology, relationships, medicine, and much more would all be affected and less education would take place. If we were stripped of communication, we would all be in this world together, but very alone. How would anything have growth? Abilities, such as simply pointing to an object would be a form of communication. With no form of communicating, where would the world be today?

Upon reviewing what role communication plays in our daily lives, we find out that it is one of the most important talents known to mankind. Without it, we are lifeless. We must remember to speak ethically to avoid any possible miscommunication. Messages are sent and received throughout the day, whether we intend to or not. Without any way to communicate, the world as we know it would be stagnant.

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