Group Experiences

It is no secret that groups and group projects are not always easy to navigate. Not surprising when there are so many people involved in one assignment and so much is on the line. This week, I’d like to share my experience with my group thus far. Keep in mind; this is only the third of many weeks left in the semester, but so far, so good! A common sore spot with group projects is dividing up the work so that everyone has an equal stake. Our group was determined not to make this an issue. Lizette was adamant that no one should carry another person’s weight, so we divided all the assignments up equally between each of our members, and solidified a standing date and time for weekly group meetings. Today we worked on our quick videos for the upcoming social media assignment. What easily could have been a catastrophe actually turned out to be a great group bonding experience. We were very democratic when deciding what we wanted to shoot about, brainstorming as a group and building on one another’s concepts. I was amazed at the creativity, talent, and humor displayed by my fellow group members. I know it is early, but if this week is indicative of what’s to come, I am glad to be one of the Fantastic 4 and am excited to see what we create!

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