“First day of school” excitement not limited to students

The first day of school approaches in New College and it’s such a wonderful time of the year but that excitement is not just reserved for the students – teachers are excited to get back to class!  As I arrived for the first faculty meeting of the year, I realized I’m not alone in my eagerness to get started.  The Social and Behavioral Sciences  halls are buzzing with faculty anticipating a great year.  Students are emailing.  Books are arriving.  Copy machines are humming happy tunes.

When August rolls around, I go through many of the same rituals as many of my students – I sort through back-to-school bins for cool pens and notebooks, I shop for new snack foods and…at the expense of sounding terribly shallow, I plan what I’m going to wear the first day of school.  (Hey, it’s important to make a good first impression!) For me, the process of planning a class and finding creative ways to present material literally keeps me awake at night.  My husband is quite happy, in fact, that school is starting because I can start talking to real people opposed to talking in my sleep.

But in all seriousness, the real excitement comes in the potential of possibilities. What insights will students bring to my class?  What nuggets of information can I pass to them? How will they connect with their classmates? Where will our discussions lead us? Who will we become as a result of our time together? All questions waiting to be answered over the next 16-plus weeks.

In SSBS, we teach a wide range of subjects from a variety of perspectives backed by varying degrees of experience.  We don’t always see the world around us in the same way but at this time of year there is always one thing upon which we can agree- it’s great to be back!

Bonnie Wentzel is a Communication Studies lecturer and Faculty Director of CALL, the Communication Lab.

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