Don’t Be Afraid to Come in to CALL…

 This week our graduate students encourage students who begin their appointments this week.

Every semester, particularly around this time, public speaking students are placed with the daunting task – to schedule a visit to CALL.  I mean, at first blush, it does not seem all that bad, but who wants to stand in front of someone the same age as myself with the thought of being harshly critiqued? No one.  However, for those that have discovered CALL and utilize its resources may think otherwise. CALL is an environment that provides an opportunity to further enhance your speaking abilities and to expose the great speaker in you!

Everyone has potential to be an exceptional public speaker because believe it or not, you have always been a public speaker. Think about it, who was your first audience? Let me take you back to who was you first audience. Do you remember your first words? Who was around you? What was their feedback like? Maybe you are too old to recall but I can imagine the feedback being, “Yay, you did it!” or “Way to go, goof job!” even if the first words were only “ma-ma.” You see, it was through support and encouragement that made your first words possible. Those standing behind you, helping you, mentoring you and rooting for you every step of the way makes the experience that much more worthwhile. Of course, you cannot go back and relive the time you said your first words but you can relive the feeling.

CALL, just like the aforementioned environment, shares the same features you have grown to know such as creativity, genuine feedback and guidance in a risk-free, respectful, loving environment. CALL is open to students who are enrolled in COM100, COM225, COM259, COM394 and COM207 through New College. When you visit CALL, you can expect to be greeted with a smile by one of the graduate student directors who will then pair you with an undergraduate mentor. From there, depending upon your assignment, together you will map out a speech strategy, practice your presentation, and review the results. Our sessions are designed to put the student at ease and prepare you for success. Things to remember to bring to your appointment: student id, assignment rubric, speech outline, props (if you plan to use during speech), flash drive, positive attitude, creativity and professionalism (dress for success).  See you soon!

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