The end. Conclusions, I’ve always wondered what the best way to end a speech was. Through blood, sweat and tears I think I’ve got it! Well actually there was no blood, sweat or tears however there was practice, and a lot of it.

I’ve always had a fear of public speaking mainly because I never really knew how to end a speech. One of my worst habits was when I ended a speech with “the end” or my favorite was “that’s it, thanks”. Through research I have found that having conclusions affective conclusions is extremely important within a speech.

After reading “A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking” I found out that there are three functions that conclusions serve. One function is it allows your audience know that you are about to end your speech, next it allows you to restate your main points from your speech and finally it allows your audience to be left with something to think about (O’Hair, Rubenstein & Stewart, 2010).

Overall as we can tell conclusions are very important within public speaking. So next time you give a speech remember, there is a proper way of ending your speech. Hopefully the information you have received will allow you to go into the world and allow you to prosper in public speaking.


O’Hair, Dan, Hannah Rubenstein, and Rob Stewart. “Instructor’s Resource Manual A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, Second Edition.” Bedford/St.Martins, 2007. Web. 2013.’hairpocket.pdf

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