Comfort Zone

So, you have a speech to write. Have you been thinking about what you are going to talk about? My advice to you is to talk about something you know well. Some of may think that this is not challenging enough. They may be thinking that picking a topic that is totally alien to the speaker is more challenging, so that they can find new sources and information. Well, do not underestimate speaking about topics that you are familiar with. The more you enjoy your topic, the more enthusiasm and excitement you get to portray to your audience. Working in this “comfort zone” helps you as a speaker think smarter, not harder.

What else in your comfort zone can you use? While you are at home, you can use the space and time to practice or come up with ideas for your speech. This is more of a physical kind of comfort zone, but none of the less, it will help you prepare your speech. Another place that I consider my comfort zone is the Communication Lab at the Arizona State University Campus. I am able to practice my speech in front of someone who makes me feel comfortable and good about myself. While I feel comfortable, at the same time I am getting honest feedback from my fellow peers who are knowledgeable in the topic. These simple tasks and tips can help reduce the anxiety in creating your speech and make you feel comfortable with yourself.

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