Changing the world is a big job. Ted Tuesday (on Wednesday!)

Today’s speech is by Nancy Duarte entitled “The secret structure of great talks.”  Duarte touches on two important points for public speakers- 1) Ideas can change the world and 2) She has discovered a specific structure for communicating great ideas.  At 18 minutes, it is a terrific investment of time for the many students in New College who are willing and preparing to change the world.

Students who visit CALL (the Communication Lab) frequently begin a brainstorming appointment by saying, “I don’t know what to talk about.”  But as the mentors dig a little deeper, they find out their major, what they plan on doing with that major, and finally, what they truly care about – their ideas for a better tomorrow.  It is amazing to think about the number of wonderful ideas that travel through our campus every day.  Imagine if you could see the “idea bubbles” floating around each individual person!

The simple fact, of course, is that we cannot see these ideas – unless the person is willing to share them and that usually happens, initially, through the spoken word.  But even at that, these ideas are often shared in an uninspiring way.    Duarte posits in her speech that there is a very identifiable way ideas can be presented and accepted in speech.  The ideas that usually get traction are those shared in a compelling way- utilizing a style that attaches the audience to the idea.

Changing the world is a big job – but you can’t start, until you can bring others along for the journey.

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