CALL Speaks: Julia Varkey (Guest Blogger)

Adapting Your Style in Public Speaking



We communicate not only by the things we say but also by the way we say them. When we speak we also use nuances and subtleties which can be more convincing to an audience than the facts. Have you ever heard someone say it was what the speaker did not say and the way he didn’t look at the audience that influenced them the most? A speaker needs more than facts, however pertinent, to look and sound convincing. The makeup of an audience and the style to adopt to get a message across is a very important part of speech preparation. In today’s blog, Julia Varkey, a sophomore Life Science major & CALL mentor here at ASU West, talks about the importance of adapting one’s own style in public speaking:

The person on your right may not have the same style as the person on your left, each of us our unique and have different styles. When giving a speech style is important to take note of. The style of clothing these days can be seen as odd to some and fabulous to others. The audience takes note of what you are wearing and how you look. As much as we don’t like to say it appearance does make a difference. When giving a speech about something important like receiving donations for an organization that helps sick children in another country, it is important to look you r best and to look professional. People are going to want to give their money to someone who is dressed for success and not someone who looks like they just threw on some clothes and ran out the door. If they are to take you seriously they should be able to hear and see that you are someone who is worth giving money to. Going to a professional presentation in shorts and a tank top is not something that will get you what you want. If you come dressed professionally then the audience will take you more seriously and listen to your opinion and exactly what you have to say so that they can donate or so that they can hire you for a position.

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