CALL Mentor Spotlight Double Feature: Natalie Hall & Andrew Tran

Natalie Hall & Andrew Vu Tran

Natalie Hall

Natalie Hall is a sophomore at the Arizona State West Campus. Currently she is working towards a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication with the aspiration for a double minor in both Business and Event Coordination. With these faucets of her degree she wants to jump feet first into the world of either public relations or event coordination. Natalie has spent most of her time working within the four walls of the restaurant industry and finds herself at home there. She loves working with her family of coworkers and seeing the diverse collection of guests that visit. This is why she enjoys working in CALL, because it enables her to influence so many various types of speakers. Some of the things Natalie is passionate about are body art, spending time with loved ones, and music. Overall Natalie’s main goals in life are to take things how they come, using her faith and personal experiences to become both a loving and enlightened individual.

Andrew Vu Tran

Andrew Vu Tran is currently a student at Arizona State University earning his degree in Supply Chain Management. At the age of 21 he is on track to graduate in the Spring 2013 and will be moving on to a bigger part of his life. When he is not using his time to mentor public speakers he enjoys being out being active while being with friends. He especially enjoys competing at anything and everything possible and always gives 110%. Andrew’s dream is to one day have a happy, loving family.

Congratulations on incredible work in CALL!

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