CALL Mentor Spotlight: Caitlyn DeSola

Caitlyn Desola


Caitlyn DeSola is a junior Forensics major at the ASU West campus. She has always had a fascination with science topics and really enjoys learning about it. She is quite excited to graduate and start her forensic career in a local city forensic lab. Being a part of such a diverse field, she may have a chance to be an expert evidential witness in a court case. Because of this, she feels that she must have a background that involves public speaking and productive communication. She took public speaking last semester and really feels that it has helped to improve her skills substantially and she is excited to see what the CALL has to offer in regards to bettering her communication abilities. Caitlyn is thrilled to be able to have the chance to work one-on-one with other students. While her job now is to help and mentor them, she is excited to see all of the things they will be teaching her in the process. DeSola loves cats, Broadway plays, shopping, clouds, and Audrey Hepburn. She lives in Chandler with her mom and she makes that awesome commute to west campus every single day. She wants to move to Idaho someday because it’s just awesome. She’s excited to start her career and get a real job so that she can help support her family someday. One of her ultimate goals in life, Caitlyn says, is to become “a crazy cat lady.”

Thanks for your contributions to CALL, Caitlyn! Keep up the awesome work!

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