Benefits of a CALL Visit

Your first encounter with public speaking may scare you, it may even make your voice wavy or squeaky, or it may even make you sweat… a lot, but I’m here to tell you that those can all be limited and possibly diminished with only ONE trip to CALL. In order to successfully deliver a speech, you must practice. As everyone always says, “Practice makes perfect.” Rehearsing your speech seven to ten times from introduction to conclusion can alleviate a lot of the nervousness and jitters, but what about practicing in front of an audience? You don’t get that by just practicing in the mirror or in your room. By going to CALL this ensures you of an audience, even if it’s only one person. It also ensures you of credible and constructive feedback. The mentors at the CALL lab have been in the same position as you. They know how it feels to give a speech, and they know how it feels to get nervous. You will be recorded while delivering your speech, this makes it possible for you to view it after and see for yourself where your strong and weak points are. Moreover, CALL is a place to strengthen your communication skills, so take the first step at improving your skills.

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